5 Mighty Military Replica Watches UK

To have the temerity to suggest military Rolex replica watches uk on the military watch forum is akin to sticking one’s head above the trenches, but nonetheless, here are some recommendations with which you can either agree or shoot down in a menacing burst from a Heckler & Koch MP5. 

These are watches that you could take to the front line, to the local paintballing park, or on your next hunting adventure.

CASIO PRW2500T-7CR Pathfinder

Toyota has its Land Cruiser, while Casio has its PRW2500T-7CR Pathfinder. They are both designed for a life off the beaten track. A cheap fake Rolex watches made for real adventures like climbing mountains or crossing raging white waters. The entire body of the PRW2500T-7CR is water resistant up to two hundred meters and it can even help you gauge the atmospheric pressure underwater. It features a built-in compass to enable you to keep on track in any rugged environment, and dependable accuracy is assured due to the fact that it runs on an atomic timing system. It also features an easy one touch operation for using the Altimeter /Barometer, compass and the thermometer. It’s designed with a dual LCD display layout that can provide all relevant information at a glance. Amazon lists this watch at $248.00

SUUNTO Core Military All Black

Well regarded Finnish brand Suunto make the Core Military All Black, a masculine state-of-the art watch designed for the serious trekker or mountaineer who needs to gather data while on foot. Like the CASIO Pathfinder it also provides altimeter/barometer readings and an accurate compass and more. The Core All Black watch has a large face (which comes in handy in extremely low visibility) and a strong back light. The watch band is designed to fit all wrists from beefy to scrawny fits and has a sturdy locking system. Its digital features are controlled by five buttons on the side of the watch case (two buttons at the 9 o’ clock position of the watch face, and three buttons at the 3 o’ clock position). Pressing these buttons enables you to alternate between the three primary information modes and make selections to program the various functions. As the Suunto is only waterproof up to 30 meters it’s best for activities above sea level rather than below. Mineral crystal is highly scratch resistant and found on many high-end watches. The Suunto Core All Black watch is listed at $350.00.

CWC 1970s Reissue Chronograph

Name:  CWC 70s Reissue Pilot's Chronograph.jpg Views: 507 Size:  89.9 KBIf you really like to splash out on your military watch wear this is a �1,500 Cabot Watch Company Limited Edition Swiss made remake of a top quality 1970 RAF pilot’s chronograph. CWC is a British brand that has supplied the British military for many years. Limited to only 450 pieces, the Swiss Breitling replica watches is made to exacting specifications, and runs on a trusty Valjoux ETA 7760 movement with 30 minute and running seconds dials. The case is of polished stainless steel with milspec Tritium Lume. The watch has fixed lugs so as to take your choice of Nato strap.

G-SHOCK Military Sand

Avid readers of Andy McNab’s bestselling SAS novels will know that for many missions his hero Nick Stone took nothing more sophisticated with him than a Baby G. Inspired by camouflage uniforms worn in the desert, the case and bands of the G-SHOCK Military Sand series are all in matte sand beige with dials and function labels in black. The series is available in two of the most popular models, the much loved DW6900 at around �60.00 and the GA100 at �70.00. Of course, regular G-SHOCK features include Shock Resistance, 200M Water Resistance, Anti-Magnetic Structure and your choice of a 12/24 Hour Time Format.

Luminox Navy Seal Colormark


Drop dead sexy, light, dependable American designed Swiss made Luminox comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, but this one is designed for your night ops foray to pick up an after-hours kebab or KFC Family Bucket. The tritium files inserted into each of the indices and the Rolex replica watches for sale hands will stay bright and luminous for 25 years. The watch runs on a Swiss Ronda quartz movement and is water resistant to 200 meters. The only real danger you might face with the Navy Seals watch is that your girlfriend might borrow it due to its stated suitability for pairing with a little black dress, which of course instantly ruins the macho image. �235.30