UK Four Secrets Of Crowns In Rolex Replica Watches

The surface of the crown will usually imprint the watch brand logo that is seemingly insignificant. Although it is same, it is still the best stage to represent the confidence of watch brand. It is the concept of industry. So here we tell you four secrets of Rolex fake watches with self-winding movements.

In the table altar, each of the table crown pattern has its own advantages. But to talk about characteristics, Rolex in addition to giving people a sense of crown logo, in fact, around the logo also hides some passwords, so that people who know the copy watches for sale can directly understand the key point.

  • 1 dots – The watches are in PT950 platinum materials
Blue Dials Rolex Day-Date Replica
Golden Cases Rolex Day-Date Series Fake
  • 3 dots- The watches have three heavy waterproof design

  • 1 horizontal line- The watches can be waterproof basically

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